BTOSC Mates’ Programme

Over the years a number of BTOSC Club Skippers have gained a good deal of their skills and experience within the Club. They have benefited from the experience and coaching of other Club Skippers, gained Coastal Skipper qualifications and ultimately gone on to qualify as Offshore Yachtmasters and gain Commercial Endorsements to enable them to become Club Skippers.

The “Mates Programme” is intended for Club members who have achieved a good level of sailing competence and experience and who wish to progress to Offshore Yachtmaster and ultimately to become Club Skippers.

It is anticipated that such individuals will hold at least a Day Skipper qualification, though in some cases they may have exceeded this level of competence and experience, but ‘never got around to’ obtaining the relevant qualifications.

The Mates Programme aims to provide structured support towards achieving RYA Qualifications. It is based upon coaching from experienced Club Skippers and the opportunity to gradually undertake more of the responsibilities of a skipper while acting as Mate.  These opportunities are obviously limited (within the Club) by the Club Sailing Programme.  Further details about the programme may be found in this Guide to the BTOSC Mates Programme.

If you are interested in participating in the programme, please contact any Club Skipper or Committee Member.