To sail with BTOSC you will need to become a member.   Exceptionally, if you have not sailed with us before a one-off temporary membership fee of £10 is available. 

Benefits of BTOSC membership

  • We organise a programme of events every year that usually includes:
    • Training
    • Cruising events in the Solent
    • Some cruises are multi-yacht club rallys that involve a meal ashore
    • Some cruises elsewhere in the UK
    • Racing (subject to demand)
  • We are a non-profit organization with low overheads so we can offer sailing, racing and training events at an affordable price
  • The club underwrites the security deposit for charters so the crew is only responsible for paying the first £100 of any damage
  • We have a website available to all and occasional  newsletters to members
  • We offer the members the opportunity to organise club events
  • We offer aspiring skippers the opportunity to become club skippers
  • Members may also be able to benefit from discounts provided by charter companies we deal with
  • Active members will inevitably discover opportunities to sail with other members and generally broaden their sailing network 

Becoming a member

To become a member please complete the membership form and the Bankers / Standing Order form which can both be downloaded from the link below.

The subscription rates are :- Single,  £20 , Family £30.00 provided that payment is made electronically.

  • Family membership refers to two adults residing at the same address and can include children up to 18 years of age.
  • The preferred method for payment is by Bankers’ Order or Standing Order. (A  form for setting this up may be found below)
  • The Membership year runs from 1 February. Consideration will be given to members joining at the end of previous year.


*   Membership Form Please also used this form if you need to update the details we hold about you.

*   Banker’s / Standing Order Form for members joining in 2021/2022

Please make sure that you send both your membership form and the Banker’s Order form to the membership secretary, so that the details can be recorded and they will then send it on to your Bank. You can cancel a Banker’s Order by writing to your bank.

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