The Yachts

Bagadeus (Bavaria 34)

The yachts we charter, such as Bagadeus above,  are typically equipped as follows:

  • Yachts have the cockpit set at the stern with wheel steering, engine controls and instrumentation mounted on a pedestal.
  • Yacht draft is between 1.8 and 2.0 metres.
  • Foresails are fitted with roller reefing with lines led aft.
  • Mainsail will have all three reef pennants rove with a cringle for securing the tack to the rams horn. Some yachts have a single line reefing system for Reef 1+2.
  • Reefing lines and associated winch are located at the mast.
  • Some yachts are fitted with lazy jacks.
  • It is becoming more common for the mainsheet horse to be mounted on the coach roof leaving the cockpit clear.
  • Lines terminating at the cockpit include the kicker, halyards and sheets.
  • Topping lift is situated at the mast.
  • Jack-stays for safety harnesses run the length of the boat on either side and there are securing points located around the cockpit.
  • Engines fitted to these yachts are usually 30-40 horsepower diesels (with sail drives) giving the yachts speeds of between 5-6 knots when the need arises.

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