Crew Conditions for Sailing

The following are conditions deemed to be accepted by all Club members or participants in Club sailing events:

1. Crew members are required to pay an appropriate deposit to secure their berth and or to pay the balance of any monies due to the Club for crew berths at least 2 weeks before the event date, or sooner if required by the Charter Company. Where a contractual payment date applies to the event date, the full amount is required 2 weeks prior to this date. Please note that BTOSC berth costs are kept to a minimum by being directly related to boat charter costs. In the case of people not taking up booked berths, the Club reserves the right to demand full payment unless replacements can be found for these berths.

2. Crew members are required to make payment to the Club Skipper/representative, for apportioned costs (or estimated costs) of mooring fees, diesel, food and other running costs that are incurred during the period the yacht is on charter to the Club. In this respect the charter period is from the pre-arranged meeting time until final departure from the boat, or if crew transport has been arranged to an airport until this time as per event arrangements.

3. A security deposit (S.D) is a sum of money held by a Charter Company and is effectively the excess on the boat insurance. (Usually between £750 and £2000 (Or foreign currency equivalent when abroad) but can be more.

4. The Club will in the first instance provide this S.D to the Charter Company up to the limit of £1500.00. If however for any reason it is impracticable to do this or the Charter Company will not accept a Club cheque, the Club will indemnify any Club skipper and the crew up to a maximum of £1500.00 upon their return.  In the event of any loss or damage to the boat however:

  • The Club Skipper and crew members shall be collectively liable for the first £100.00 of each and every incident. This must be collected immediately by the skipper and handed to the treasurer as soon as possible.
  • The Club will accept liability for the next £2000.00
  • The Club Skipper and crew members shall be collectively liable for any sum in excess of the resultant £2100 above, up to the full amount of any Security Deposit.

5. Please note that, as with all external activities, the Club does not under any circumstances accept liability for personal injury, or damage or loss to personal property sustained by crew members during the sailing event. Sailing can at times be hazardous and although the Club makes every attempt to minimise the dangers, the inherent risks are deemed to be accepted by crew members when taking berths on Club sailing events.

6. The Club advises that appropriate travel insurance is taken out. And that an E111 form be obtained by crew when traveling abroad and where the country to be visited has reciprocal medical agreements and facilities, with the United Kingdom.

7. Crew members should immediately inform the Club Skipper of damage to or defects in the boat, and the loss of any equipment that is either noticed, or occurs, during the sailing event. This is important for safety reasons.

8. Crew members should inform the skipper of any medical condition, and or any medication being taken.

Note: If there are any queries on the above please discuss this with the Skipper or any Club Committee member. The above conditions do not affect your statutory rights

updated 15/5/2021

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