Fines for infringing collision regulations

You will all be aware that Skippers are are responsible for the safety of all on board a yacht and for ensuring that we/they don’t infringe Collision Regulations.   But are you aware of the potential penalties for infringing these regulations?It seems that Folkestone magistrates have a reputation for imposing far heavier fines on recreational craft than on commercial vessels.  Folkestone magistrates imposed a fine of £20,000 plus £5300 “costs” on Keith McGregor, the skipper of a privately-owned 54 foot motor boat,  for infringing the collision regulations when she strayed into the south-west bound lane of the Dover Straits Traffic Separation Scheme in August 2009.  According to the MCA, she continued against the traffic flow for nearly four hours and twenty six miles, and had “close encounters” with three ships.

Further details available from the MCA Website.