What members think of BTOSC

In April 2021, as part of a survey, we asked club members:

“Would you recommend BTOSC to a friend or colleague who wanted to learn to sail? If so Why? If not, why not?”

We had 24 responses to the survey in just a few days. This word cloud provides a flavour of how members replied.

Yes x 5

Yes – It is a good club to learn to sail and enjoy the outdoors

Yes, A friendly introduction to sailing

Yes – learn from others who are more experienced, learn if you don’t have a boat/crew

Yes I would

Yes, it has worked for many other members.

Yes, Of course!

Yes would recommend

Yes; cheap, no hassle, friendly club

Yes friendly group to learn new skills.

Have done several times. Ease of use

Relaxed way to get experience and guidance

I have enjoyed learning skills and great events

Yes. I know the skippers. I can also participate.

Very experience sailors capable to teach

Yes, always friendly and helpful.

Certainly would recommend a friend I have enjoyed many trips over the years although recently have not been able to but look forward to doing more in future.

Good club for spreading your wings as an aspiring skipper

Yes, good value and no commitment

Affordable sailing for beginners and experienced sailors alike

Call me!