YM Coastal Club Skippers and their route to qualification

As announced recently the BTOSC Committee has been working on a scheme to enable Yachtmaster Coastal Skippers to skipper club events.  The details have now been agreed by the Committee and the scheme will work as follows:

Route to qualification:

  • Once qualified by the RYA to YM Coastal, the Skipper needs to demonstrate that they have the necessary qualities to be a club skipper and the ability to take on the responsibilities that come with this role.  This is achieved by skippering under the supervision of a Senior Club Skipper on at least two club events.
  • The Club Skipper qualities are :

o        Supportive to crew

o        Sociable

o        Safe & able to inspire confidence

o        Ability to run a club weekend event

  • The Skipper should be familiar with the cruising area
  • Once approved by the Club and before skippering as a YM Coastal Club Skipper without supervision, the candidate must then obtain the Commercial Endorsement for the YM Coastal qualification (if they do not already have it).  Currently this requires, in addition to the YM qualification, attendance on a RYA Basic Sea Survival course (or Personal Survival Techniques STCW 78 course) , an ML5 or ENG1 medical fitness certificate. To be fully qualified it is also necessary to have a valid First Aid Certificate.

The candidate also needs to demonstrate the ability to take on the responsibilities of a Club Skipper:

  • Liaise with crew prior to the event and arrange victualing and meeting
  • Liaise with the Charter Company:

o        at the start of the charter:

– to become familiar with yacht’s safety features

– to confirm the completeness of the inventory and identify any defects/ limitations by carrying out a thorough inspection. The inspection is important so that when the yacht is handed back any damage on the yacht at the start is not attributed to the club.

o        At the end of the charter:

– to ensure the yacht is fuelled, watered and cleaned, all defects noted and all paperwork complete and handed over to the charter company.

  • Clarify the objectives of the weekend and the crew so that, circumstances permitting, they can be met.
  • Conduct a Safety Brief to the crew.
  • Skipper the event in a safe and sociable manner.


The cruising area for YM Coastal Club Skippers is limited to the Solent & Southampton water area.  The Western extreme is bound by the Hurst Narrows (1°33’W).  So, the Needles Channels is out of bounds.  The Eastern end is defined roughly by a line from Bembridge Ledge to the Eastern side of Langstone harbour.  Thus, south of Bembridge is not within the cruising area but Bembridge and Langstone Harbours are.  The sailing area for YM Coastal skippers may be extended on a case-by-case basis subject to prior agreement of Chairman + 1 YM Offshore Skipper.

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