What to wear / bring?

Foul Weather Gear

The Berth Fee does not include foul weather gear which can usually be hired from Hamble Point Charters(£10-15). Ask at the time of booking.


Participants will need to ensure they have footwear that does not leave marks on the yacht’s deck – suitable shoes have white or gum soles. Safety gear in the form of life jackets and harnesses will be available on board and will be allocated to each participant for use when necessary during the charter.

Staying warm

For clothing you need to have plenty of layers so that you can retain body heat but peel off if necessary. Include an extra layer and/or thermals (ski thermals are ideal) to cope with the wind chill – even in summer. Getting warm once you have chilled can be difficult.

Other gear

Lastly you will need a sleeping bag and towels and may want to bring a pillow.  Bring your kit in a bag that will go flat rather than a suitcase. Storage space is limited on the boats.

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