Partnervertrag handy mobilcom

Never have I ever had more horrible contract then with them. First their personal doesnt have any idea of any deals and what they are selling. They are liars. They lied to my face when I had problems with my contract and then the next person told me they gonna fix it,but he fixed it to higher price,even tho we asked him 3times if price stays the same. And when I wrote kunden service they told me I have to complain on personal they have nothing to do with them. Other day a man called me on the phone from your service and the call was interupted. Sudenly I had no more internet and when i want back to the shop and they told me that guy on the phone had by himself changed my contract option without my permition. So if ever somebody wants contract with them i would say NEVER EVER. They dont deserve even 1 star. “This new transformation partnership with a new client for Capita Europe demonstrates the interest and growing demand for different customer service outsourcing models. We have a growing pipeline of both traditional and transformation customer service opportunities in Germany and Switzerland which will provide a good platform for Capita Europe to meet our growth aspirations.” Willst du deinen mobilcom-debitel Mobilfunkvertrag kündigen, solltest du dich vorher genau über Frist, Form und nötige Angaben informieren.

Wir haben alles wichtige bereits für dich zusammengefasst. The partnership will see Capita take over responsibility for all customer services and related IT. Capita will take on mobilcom-debitel’s existing customer service sites in Germany, including the transfer of 650 staff. Joachim Preisig, chief financial officer at freenet AG, mobilcom-debitel’s parent company, said: “In the age of digitisation, customer excellence is strategically important for both freenet AG and mobilcom-debitel. We are pleased to have found a partner who supports this strategy and, with its expertise, can ensure rapid implementation. Thanks to Capita’s long-standing expertise in the field of customer management, we are confident that we have formed a partnership that will bring the vision of excellent customer service to life.” What the hell? What is in my contract? The conditions were 2 weeks before end of month, they charged monthly. I called mid April to cancel. Very frustrating experience.

Never deal with these scoundrels. If you want cheap – go to Congstar. Best service ever! Give me extra services and compensations for flaws all the time! Versäumst du es, pünktlich zu kündigen, verlängert sich ein mobilcom-debitel Vertrag mit fester Laufzeit um ein weiteres Jahr. “Das Costa fast gar nix!” Damit wirbt der Mobilfunkanbieter zumindest. Ist dir mobilcom-debitel zu teuer oder hast du einen passenderen Tarif gefunden? Höchste Zeit zu kündigen! Wir zeigen dir, worauf es ankommt. Sonderkündigungsrecht Prinzipiell hast du immer dann das Recht, dienen Vertrag außerordentlich – also vor Vertragsende – zu kündigen, wenn sich wesentliche Vertragsbestandteile zu deinem Nachteil ändern.

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