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Coastguard exercise with BTOSC

Monday, March 7th, 2011

On Sunday 6 Mar 2011 the BTOSC took part in an hi-line exercise with Solent Coastguard.  This was one of a number of activities planned for this year’s Skippers’ Refresher weekend.

Andy Shrimpton reported as follows:

“Once initial contact had been made and they asked us to tack out for more sea room.  They came back after about ten minutes and we confirmed that we were ready.  Not being complete novices at this routine we had already removed the dan-bouy from the port quarter and brought a bucket on deck for the hi-line.”

The briefing received over VHF was as follows:

  • Hold a steady course
  • Sail hard on the wind on port tack
  • Take the line on-board but don’t attach it to the boat
  • Take-in all slack
  • When the man on the wire is ready he will indicate to haul him in – it may take more than one person.  Once on-board he will direct the rest of the operation.

The exercise then commenced and went exactly as briefed.

First the hi-line was lowered into the water to be taken on board Bagadeus.

Then a crewman was lowered from the helicopter…

for transferred to the yacht.

After a few minutes onboard, the crewman was then safely recovered back to the helicopter as captured in the following video.  To view this you will need to enter the word ‘skipper‘.

On completion CG Helo 104 called Bagadeus on Channel 67 to confirm completion of the exercise, to thank us for our participation, and to kindly say that we had done well.

Andy commented:  “It was a good experience (especially when you don’t need rescuing) and everyone learned something from it – not least how noisy it is underneath a helicopter!”

Other activities during the weekend included ‘pontoon bashing’, setting up a tow and a variety of man-overboard techniques.