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Report on S.W. Coast & Scilly Isles Cruise (2nd. – 9th. July 2010)

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

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The 2010 cruise to the Scilly Isle was a 7 day event (Friday to Friday), on “Ventis Secundis”, a 40ft Delphia hired from Trisail of Falmouth. ( With skipper Chris Price, and crew of 6 – Roy Cullers, Richard and Trudi Kidd, Chris Webber, Jonathan Peters, and myself, John Kelly. For most of us, the main attraction was the allure of the Scilly Isle, so we were pleased to spend most of the week there, with several very pleasant afternoons ashore. For Chris the main objective was to handle the very tricky pilotage around the Scillies without adding to the huge numbers of wrecks in the area – an objective he met in full, giving us all a lesson in charts, transits and pilotage. And lessons on navigation apps on Chris’s iPhone, but that’s another story.

Overall we had a most enjoyable week; perhaps not as much sailing as we would have liked (due to winds), but it was a great way to see the Scilly Isle. If we could be guaranteed quiet weather, then there are many islands and coves yet unvisited that would justify a second visit. But if the weather is unsettled, then be warned that the mooring options are limited.


Cross Channel Cruise 1-4th July 2010

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

The event was organised by James Savage to with the aim of completing a cross channel voyage from Hamble Point to St Vaast and complete two YachtMaster qualifying passages. We arrived after 1700 on Thursday to be greeted by James and Mike who were checking the inventory before taking over the boat, a Halsberg Rassey 36 “Aeolus”.

Casting off at 1900 the plan was to exit the Solent at the eastern end, round Bembridge and then head south for St Vaast,  (more…)