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January 16th, 2013

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Long weekend cruise on a Tallships Challenger 4 – 7 September 2014

February 27th, 2014

This year our Long Weekend Cruise on a Tallships Challenger will take place on 4-7 September. All members have been sent an invitation to register their interest in this. Please complete these ASAP.  If you haven’t received the News Flash email about this then please let me know.  

14/03/2014 Update. At least 12 members have confirmed that they are interested so we are now collecting deposits.  If you haven’t yet expressed interest it is not too late to do so.

James Savage (Event Manager)


DSC Radios and Mayday calls

January 29th, 2014

An accident report recently published by the MAIB revealed that the skipper of the striken vessel had sent an incomplete Mayday message before abandoning his vessel.


The skipper realised that the Coastguard had misheard but mistakenly beleived that the MOB Guardian system would immediately issue an alert.

Although the vessel’s DSC enabled VHF radio and the MOB Guardian system both had distress call buttons capable of immediately transmitting vessel details and position, neither was used to send out a “Mayday” call.  The “Mayday” call transmitted by the skipper over VHF channel 16 was incomplete, led to confusion and resulted in the rescue efforts being delayed by more than 45 minutes. 

The MAIB have published a safety flyer that provides a summary of what happened and the lessons that we can all learn from this accident.

Report on the Christmas ‘Jolly’ – December 2013

January 23rd, 2014

The Christmas ‘Jolly’ event took place in weather conditions that you would never believe possible in December—particularly given the gale condition earlier in the week.  The writer wore gloves for less than five minutes over the whole weekend!

Following a social get together in The Ketch Rigger on the Friday evening, three yachts set sail in sunshine with a good wind on Saturday. We followed a competitive course that kept us busy with lots of tacks and gybes, whilst at the same time trying to solve a 25 question quiz based on pounds, shillings and pence, together with some Cockney rhyming slang. We finished at Cowes mid-afternoon. Congratulations to Mike Griffiths, Hazall Bagnall, Roy Demery, Andrew Hemphrey, Roy Cullers, Allan Goodfellow and Chris Webber on Loxley B who crossed the finish first. We motored up the Medina and moored at The Folly Inn in time to see the sunset, finish off the quiz and meet up with Alan and Lynne Franklin who had sailed up earlier, ready to join us for the evening celebrations.

The Tenacious Buchaneers, (Brendan Hanvey, Derek Underwood, Roy Evans, Steve Hamilton and David Bartlett), didn’t get the quiz until they moored at The Folly, but their wisdom shone through and they completed it in record time.

There were twenty one of us eating the meal at The Folly in the evening. The quality and quantity of the food was excellent, as indeed was the company and it was great to meet up with so many old friends. When it got to the stage where the other tables were being used as dance floors, we made our excuses and slipped back to our yachts for a nightcap.

We woke up to another perfect day for sailing and sailed round to Osborne Bay, where we anchored for lunch before returning in stronger winds to the Hamble.

Mick C

Video from Tallships Challenger Event 13-16 June 2013

June 19th, 2013

Thanks to Mike Evans and Roy Demery we have a video compilation from last weeks Tallships Challenger Event.

Hazards from Portable Generators

May 24th, 2013

We don’t normally encounter portable generators on BTOSC events but you sail on a boat with one you would be advised to read the MAIB’s latest Safety Bulletin issued following the carbon monoxide poisoning on board the Bayliner 285 motor cruiser Arniston in Windermere, Cumbria on 1 April 2013, resulting in two fatalities.

The same hazard would also apply in the event of damage to the exhaust for any inboard engine.


Cold Shock and First Aid Certificates

April 8th, 2013

1. Every sailor needs to know about Cold Shock. 

2. All skippers also need to know which First Aid Certificates meet the requirements for Commercial Endorsement.

The latest issue of the RYA Wavelength Magazine has articles on these two subjects and more besides.

See page 8 for Cold Shock and the article on Page 12 to read about which First Aid Certificates are currently deemed acceptable.

BTOSC Related Videos

March 24th, 2013

Thanks to Mike Evans we have a video compilation from the 2012 Round the Island Race.

For the time being this is password protected. Please ask me for the password.

In the meantime, here are some other BTOSC related videos


RYA Marine Radio Short-Range Certificate (VHF)

February 11th, 2013

This one day course is being offerred to BTOSC members by Porchester Sailing Club

Sat 23 March or Sun 24 Mar 2013

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Club Regalia

February 6th, 2013

Regalia-front and back example

Thanks to some sterling work by John Wells we now arrangements in place for members to purchase items of clothing with the club logo. The above is just one example – more designs can be seen at  Please download and read  ClubRegalia2013 for further details and in particular some special arrangements for caps.

Sailing Programme for 2013

December 10th, 2012

Members that attended the Christmas Jolly will have seen the draft Sailing Programme for 2013 and have started planning in detail for some of these events.

  • The Forthcoming Events page on the right hand side of this website only lists events where the dates are confirmed.
  • If you can’t see an event to suit you, then let the committee know.   The committee will do its best to help you find a crew and skipper but you may need to co-ordinate the event yourself.

Book now for Christmas Jolly Weekend Fri 30 Nov – 2 Dec 2012

October 19th, 2012

Christmas is coming so it’s time to book your places for the BTOSC Christmas Jolly which is to be held this year at a new venue – The Master Builder at Bucklers Hard. The price per berth is £135 which includes your berth, a 3 course dinner and hopfully some sailing too.

Xmas Jolly Menu 2012

Event Payment Instructions

 If you would like to take part please:

1. Let me know on this email address

2. Make your payment of the full amount to as per the attached instructions. Please also let Roy & me know when you have done so.

3. Contact Sue Tolson on with your menu choices.

There is an option for you and/or family members to attend the meal only without the sailing weekend. If you would like to do this then please let us know.

Many Thanks

Hazel Bagnall, BTOSC Cruising Secretary 07710 070624

Steve Webber reports on a Cruise to the Scilly Isles: 3-10th August, 2012

October 19th, 2012

Lunch-time on a sunny Friday seemed like a good omen when four of us – skipper Nigel Watsham, Mike Griffiths, Roy Cullers and myself Steve Webber – assembled at Queen Anne’s Battery in Plymouth. A leisurely lunch in the bar while waiting for the boat, Ocean Whisper – a Sunfast 37 – to be prepared was marred only by a torrential downpour. But by hand-over, the sun was out again.

Then it was off in a SWly F4 for a quick familiarisation sail to Newton Ferrers. Interesting approach using two sets of leading marks to negotiate the dog-leg. Tied up on a pontoon for the night, electing to eat on board rather than get the dinghy out.

Next morning, with the continuing SWly, we sailed out to the Eddystone lighthouse, then turned to head towards Falmouth. Sailing close-hauled on the port tack gave us the heading we needed, and we were able to settle back and relax for the next 30nm, watching the downpours happening all around us but never on us. Engine on and sails down as we headed up to Mylor, only for the engine alarm to go off as we were within sight of the yacht haven. An anxious half-hour sailing around on the jenny while we failed to find out why there was no cooling water coming through. Having decided that now it had cooled we could run it for long enough to get into the marina, it promptly decided to work normally.

A day of mixed sailing and motor-sailing with distant views of St. Michael’s Mount as we crossed Mounts Bay brought us to Penzance dock. Rafted up next to a much larger yacht which turned out to be operated single-handed by a 76 year-old. Just time to shin up the quay ladder, dash to the shops and replenish the beer supplies.

The forecast was for continuing S-SWly F4-5, so the decision was made to go for it. Out to Wolf Rock, then another long port tack, pausing only to put the 1st reef in, brought us in sight of the Scilly Isles. Wisely, the skipper decided to put the engine on early – no water again. An hour spent dismantling the inlet filter and impeller to no avail, then at the third time of asking it worked. Into Hugh Town harbour and pick up a mooring buoy, inflate the dinghy, and into town. Managed to find a restaurant with a free table before the deadline of 9pm, and enjoyed a welcome steak to celebrate our arrival.

A dodgy engine and manual anchor was agreed to make the option of exploring more of the islands unwise, so next day we headed back. While piloting the channel to clear the islands, we passed a tall ship on its way in – made us grateful that our rigging wasn’t quite so high. On a broad reach with a following moderate sea and occasional F6, we made good progress – the prize for speed going to the skipper who briefly achieved 9.94 knots with the 1st reef in. Into Falmouth and raft up for the night.

Off to Fowey on a calm sea with no wind in time for a cream tea and a glass or two of wine, then dine on board. Next day back to Plymouth, again mirror sea, no wind and sunny. A prize was offered for the first person to spot a yacht motor-sailing with a cone up, but of the many we passed, not one (including ourselves!) were conscientious enough to comply. We obviously passed the quick inspection by a naval patrol vessel as they didn’t board us, so back into QAB and relax.

An interesting week: several brief sightings of fins – possibly porpoises, enough light-houses to lose count, some drama and even some good sailing. But don’t assume that because an engine looks brand new and has just been serviced that it’s going to work!

All in all, very pleased to have made it to the Scilly Isles.

Quotes of the week:

Nigel – boats are better when you’re sat on a patio with a glass of wine.

Roy – you always do what the skipper says.

What would you do?

August 8th, 2012

Would you just sit there?


Late deal – 5 days sailing -Sunday 12th August – 2 Spaces left!!

August 2nd, 2012

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