Sailing the Atlantic (2014)

Two of our members : Nigel Watsham (our Chairman) and Mike Griffiths (our Secretary) are now sailing the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to St Lucia. this is a screenshot showing progress so far.  Their boat is the most northerly one  towards the centre of the image (outlined in white).


To find out more about their adventure, follow their progress or support their causes please see the article Nigel and Mike sail the Atlantic.  In fact it is probably a great time for us all to take stock and consider what we all want to do sailing-wise in the year ahead.

Remember that if there is something particular that you would like to do, or an event that you would like the club to do differently, then please let the committee know either in person or through the BTOSC mailbox.

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The committee is currently working on the Sailing Programme for next year. which will contain a mix of the old favourites and some new events.  As a sample of what is coming up the next 4 events for which we have dates are:

No events

Forthcoming events shows all forthcoming events that have at least a proposed date.

To reserve a berth on any event or for more information about the event you will need to contact the Event Manager as shown on the BTOSC Sailing Programme 2014 and the individual event pages.  If there is no event manager listed please contact our Cruising Secretary Hazel Bagnall by email on

To contact other members of the committee please refer to  Club Officers.