BTOSC Event Listings *New*

This year each Cruising, Racing or Training event will have its own page on the website.

The events within each of these categories will be listed and accessible from lists in the Right Hand Column but the content can be included in article or posts on the website too.

There is also a new page containing an Events Calendar where you can browse by month and a page listing all forthcoming Events List.

The next Cruising event is:

No events

The next Racing event is:

No events

The next Training event is:

No events

The Events Calendar

If you think this is an improvement or have any other comments please comment here.

It is early days and I have only put some events on to the system so far.  One limitation is events without dates which cant really be listed. As an example here is a list of the next 5 events:

No events

Here are a few other examples of data dynamically extracted from the database:

For all you RSS feed people – try this   RSS

Finally, here is a map of a selection of  our forthcoming events