BTOSC Club Announcement

An announcement from the Chairman regarding Club Skippers…New Club Skippers

Our club skippers are one of the cornerstones of our club and without them we would struggle to run the events we do.  So, I am very pleased to congratulate Mike Griffiths and Nigel Watsham on joining the ranks of our club skippers.  They are both qualified Yachtmaster Offshore with Commercial Endorsements and have also been accepted by the committee to skipper BTOSC events. Please give them your support in future events and help them to settle into their new roles.

New Competent Crew & Day Skippers

On the recent Day Skipper/Competent Crew course we had a 100% pass rate where Linda Peters, Shawn Holland and Andy Rook who are now qualified Competent Crew, and Gary Thorpe & David Cantwell who passed their Day Skippers practical courses.  Congratulations to them and I hope they enjoy practicing their new found skills.

We also have another Day Skipper, Cliff Morley.  He completed a BTOSC boat handling weekend with Colin Jarvis which completed his Day Skipper training.  Well done Cliff.

Potential Club Skippers

We are always on the lookout for new club skipper so if you are interested in progressing your skills and would like to skipper on club events now or in the future, please get in touch with either myself or any of the committee members.  Their details can be found on the new club website at

To help progression to club skipper and to help develop sailing skills we are encouraging people to become BTOSC Mates whereby they assist club skippers on events.  By doing so they get the chance to practice their own skills, in relative safety, under the watchful eye of a club skipper.  This can also lead to sign-offs on qualification passages.  More details to follow soon.

Lastly,  just to give you a heads up of what is coming, we are considering introducing a club skipper at the Yachtmaster Coastal level.  These skippers would still require a commercial endorsement but would operate within the restricted area of the Solent. This would help to give the opportunity to gains experience as skipper in familiar waters.  Again more details to follow shortly.

Any questions please contact me or any committee member.


Chris Price (BTOSC Chairman)