How to create an article for BTOSC website

This article provides a quick introduction to the editing features on this website.  It is intended for those BTOSC commitee members who will need to produce content for the site.

In order to create an article you need to have registered on the BTOSC website and your profile needs to have been amended to give you contributor status.

Log into the Admin section of the website using the Site Admin hyperlink under  ‘Meta’.FrontPage-Meta-SiteAdmin

When you have entered your username and password the Dashboard will be displayed:


To create a new article select Add Article using the option indicated below:


This will take you to the editor dialog.

<<Not Shown>>

If you have already started an article or wish to edit an article you have previously written then select the Edit option instead.  This will take you to a list of all articles in the system as shown in the following screenshot.  Note that you can only edit those articles that you have created.


If you select Edit against an article then the editor dialog will let you amend the article.  If you select  Quick Edit then another screen apears that allows you to edit other characteristics of the article such as the publication date, visibility, status and category.


The article editor is shown in the following screenshot:

Editing an Article (Post)

Enter the text of the article into the text editor.  Basic formatting can be applied using the toolbar above.  For additional formatting options press Alt+Shift+Z or select the last icon on the right of the above toolbar.

Once you have done this your toolbar will have 2 rows of icons and look like this:


One the additional formatting options are visible  you can create a Heading within the Text by selecting the text that you want to be formatted as a Heading and then pressing the formatting toolbar icon indicated in the following picture.


Note that Heading 1 is a bit too large so I recommend you choose Heading 2 or Heading 3.  Normal text is formatted using the  ‘paragraph’ setting.

Pasting in Text from other applications

You may have text in Word or in an Email that you would like to include in an Article on the website.  This can contain hidden formatting so before pasting in any text, select Paste in as Tlain Text icon from the toolbar. The relevant icon is highlighted below:


The following dialog will appear.  Simply past any text you have in this box and select insert to insert it into your Article.


Photos / attachments (Heading Level 2)

For the time being, if you have a photo or other item you want to insert in the article then send it to me and I will upload for you and link it into your article.  In due course, this process can be delegated too.

Editing Area

The second last icon (Alt+Shift + G ) is also useful as it gives you a bigger typing area.


To switch back click the same icon a second time.

To insert an image gallery using built in wordpress functionality use the following shortcode

“Full” and “medium” are alternatives to “thumbnail”.
The alternative method is to use the TopCollage plugin which is enabled for this website.
The following shortcode displays a collage of images from the wordpress gallery[topcollage images=4 start_with=1]