We had 3 yachts on the water for this event. All three were from Hamble Point Yacht Charters. Eighteen members signed up for this event and one additional guest attended the BBQ.

Friday saw Appaloosa out on the water early – her crew having opted for an extended version of the weekend so they could enjoy an extra day’s sailing. The other two crews assembled at Hamble Point on the Friday evening and enjoyed an excellent group meal at Thaiger, a restaurant in Hamble-le-Rice.

We woke on Saturday to glorious sunshine but no wind. High water was around midday so we all had a leisurely start. Silencia’s departure was also delayed by a fault with the yachts water pump. With that fixed we departed for Lymington. The only wind that day was that generated by our movement through the water.

Once secure in Lymington we were allocated berths together in an area close to the fuel pump. Attention then switched to preparing the BBQ; once again meticulously planned by Mike. This included an impromptu flying display by a bird of prey that was being exercised in the carpark.

The sausages, beef burgers and kebabs were beautifully cooked by Mike and Andy and the weather remained kind throughout the evening.

After the BBQ, we retired to Appoloosa which became the party boat.

Sunday was a different kettle of fish. The weather started -off ok but strong winds and rain were forecast. Thankfully we had a favourable tide. Suffice to say all predictions were correct.

On Silencia we sailed with 2 reefs in the main and a genny shorter than that. We initially saw winds F5 but this soon increased to F6 with torrential rain and confused seas and very poor visibility at times.

Understandably this got in the way of lunch so we opted to head straight back into the Hamble, refuelled and we then enjoy a relaxing lunch on a pontoon at Hamble Point. By that time the storm had passed and calm had returned to the Solent.

On Silencia – James, Sue, Peter, Colin (Skipper) and Jane. +Kevin who took the photo

All in all, despite the excitable conditions, the general consensus, on Silencia at least, was that we all had a good weekend.

Later analysis from Bramblemet and Chimet confirmed our observations:

More photos to follow

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