Report on the 2022 BBQ

Mikes BBQs are legendary. Not just for the weather but for the spicey fare. At least this is what we tend to advertise in the sailing programme.

This year, the BBQ was yet another success.

  • We had three yachts on the water of which One (Sea Essay) sailed for an extra day
  • 18 club members attended in all.
  • The BBQ was held on the Saturday night in the BBQ area at Lymington Yacht Haven
Pre-pre-drinks (drone shot)

For Sea Essay – BBQ Long weekend tracks, total=81Nm –

Mercury to Cowes, 8Nm -

Cowes to Portsmouth to Sparkes, Hayling Island, 21Nm –
Sparkes to Lymington, 29Nm -
Lymington to Osborne Bay to Mercury, Hamble, 23Nm -

Crew photos:

New and old
South Parade Pier
Inshore passage through the submerged barrier off Southsea Beach
Settled conditions forecast overnight
Berth A1 at Sparkes Marina