A Return to Sailing

The BTOSC Committee met on 25 Feb to review the latest situation. As you will all know the Government has now published a roadmap of indicative (no-earlier than) dates for the lifting of restrictions and guidance is now available from the RYA for each stage.

Having reviewed the guidance from the RYA the committee has decided that the 2021 BTOSC Sailing Programme should remain suspended until 21 June. By then all restrictions should have been lifted and we hope that members will once again be keen to sail.

In the meantime, we have a virtual AGM scheduled for xx April. We will also be scheduling some refresher sessions prior to our first event. These sessions are aimed principally at BTOSC Approved Skippers.

In view of the late start to the season we are considering an extended south coast cruise in Sep leading up to a later BBQ than normal. Demand for yachts is expected to be at a premium once we restart so please sign up for events as soon as you are able to do so.